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The world’s most powerful hearing aid - Oticon Xceed

Introducing Oticon Xceed, the world’s most powerful hearing aid with 146 dB SPL and 87 dB full-on-gain. Powered by the Velox S™ platform, and featuring BrainHearing™ technology, Oticon Xceed provides more access to speech than ever before for your patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss.

OpenSound Navigator provides 360° access to speech

Traditional power hearing aids use directionality that only gives access to the speaker in front of the patient. The groundbreaking and ultra-fast OpenSound Navigator technology in Oticon Xceed constantly analyzes, prioritizes and preserves speech from all directions, while significantly reducing noise. This provides your power patients more access to detailed speech.

OpenSound Optimizer delivers optimal gain and prevents feedback

Traditional anti-feedback systems can cause discomfort for your patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss due to their inability to handle feedback. Too slow to react, these systems use gain reductions and other measures to keep the hearing aids stable. OpenSound Optimizer analyzes the incoming sound at an astonishing 56,000 times per second and significantly prevents feedback before it happens. The result is fewer gain reductions and more consistent access to speech throughout the day. With less risk of feedback, OpenSound Optimizer enables you to fit your power users with up to 6 dB more stable gain, providing the brain with up to 20% more speech cues.

*Courtesy - Oticon

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