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Experience enhanced level of satisfaction with Oticon's revolutionary Brain Hearing Technology Hearing Aids

Rechargeable - Made for iPhone - IP68

Opn S miniRITE R is a state-of-the-art rechargeable hearing aid that sits discreetly behind the ear. With an easy-to-use charger, this style offers a wealth of features and functions, including 2.4 GHz wireless technology. Oticon Opn S hearing aids help you break free of restrictions and join the conversation in difficult listening environments. Oticon Opn S comes with improved technology, giving your brain access to relevant sounds around you. Oticon Opn S offers simple, wireless connectivity to your favorite devices.

Oticon Zircon creates a seamless experience to help you enjoy today’s connected world. With Oticon Zircon, you also get a wide range of connectivity options for a high-quality listening experience in everyday situations so you can go through your day with more confidence and convenience. Oticon Zircon offers a choice of rechargeable solutions to keep you powered up. The standard Oticon Desktop Charger makes daily charging easy. Just plug it in at home and charge your hearing aids while you sleep. The optional, easy-to-use and portable SmartCharger* gives you the freedom to enjoy life on the go while keeping your Zircon hearing aids powered up, dry, and protected.


Rechargeable - Made for iPhone - IP68

Oticon Ruby is a line of hearing aids designed to give you the confidence you need to live life to the fullest. Ruby improves your speech understanding so you can experience the joys of life. It’s time to get out and hear what you’ve been missing. Ruby is made to move. Oticon Ruby offers the best sound quality in Oticon’s essential category and introduces new features like the SuperShield feedback management system. Oticon Ruby’s wireless connectivity delivers high-quality sound streaming with low battery consumption to let you connect to smartphones, tablets and TVs.

oticon opn s3 hearing aid kozhencherry

Severe-to-Profound hearing loss - Made for iPhone - IP68

People with severe-to-profound hearing loss rely on hearing aids to get through each and every day, and it can be extremely challenging to follow the conversation with a group of friends, family members or colleagues. If several people are talking, it becomes harder and even more tiring to make sense of the conversations. With the new groundbreaking technology in Oticon Xceed, you will now have the support you need to actively take part in these situations without having to rely on guessing and lip reading. Oticon Xceed opens up your world like never before.

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XCEED 3 UP hearing aid for profound hearing loss


16 band - 16 channel - IP58

Inium Sense feedback shield, Soft Speech Booster, Binaural Synchronisation, Binaural Coordination, YouMatic(Advanced), Personal Profiles 3, Transient Management, Free Focus(Advanced), Automatics(Tri mode), Single Band adaptive directionality, 8KHz Bandwidth, Automatic Adaption Manager, Back dir, Power Bass, Music Widening, Special Purpose programs (music, lecture etc.), Learning, IP 58, Wirless Fitting, Streamer Pro, TV connectline, Remote Control, In-situ audiometry (Genie), Nano Coating, Memory, Battery Low warning

opn s3


8 band - 16 channel - IP58

Oticon Nera2 represents the next step in natural sound quality and hearing personalisation by uniting the input needs of your clients with their personal listening preferences. Thanks to Soft Speech Booster alongside BrainHearing technologies, Nera 2 sets the mid-price standard by giving your clients richer spatial awareness while enhancing the soft sounds so often missed.


6 band - 15 channel - IP58

Binaural Synchronisation, Binaural Coordination, YouMatic, Fitting Bandwidth 8 kHz, Geno feedback shield, Free Focus, Learning, Memory, T-coil, AutoPhone Program , Modulation Based, Power Bass (streaming), Music Widening (streaming), Single band Directionality, NAL-NL1, NAL-NL2 and DSL v5.0a m[i/o], Flexible miniFit receiver system, ConnectLine and Remote Control, DAI input and FM option, In-situ audiometry (Genie), IP68 water & dust resistant certified (all custom instruments), IP58 water resistant certified (all behind the ear instruments)

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St. George ASLP | hearing aid kozhencherry pathanamthitta

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8 band - 16 channel - IP58 - Tinnitus Support system

Oticon Nera2 is built on the new Inium platform and is Oticon's best performing hearing solution in the advanced category. The audiology in Nera provides its users advanced listening performance in several situations and allows to factoring in individual listening preferences and needs of each client. The Nera family styles range from compact in-the-ear styles to a broad palette of behind-the-ear styles. The RITE instruments use Oticon’s next-generation miniFit receivers, miniature custom moulds and soft domes. Nera 2 can be fitted to users with mild to severe-to-profound hearing losses.


4 band - 16 channel - IP58

Oticon Ria is built on the new Inium platform and is Oticon's best performing hearing solution in the essential category. The audiology in Ria provides its users essential listening performance in several situations and allows to factoring in listening preferences and needs of each client

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oticon ria 2 power bte  hearing aid kozhencherry pathanamthitta

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6 band - 16 channel - IP58

Oticon Ria2 delivers excellent sound quality in the essential segment and by Binaural Synchronisation provides your clients with a more balanced listening experience. Enabling you to cover even more clients’ individual needs, Ria2 will also help new users feel comfortable in making the transition to hearing instruments easier by mapping the world around them.

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Oticon Ria 2 hearing aid Chengannur Ranni Konni

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6 band - 16 channel - IP58 - Tinnitus Support

Binaural Synchronisation, Binaural Coordination, YouMatic Essential, Personal Profiles 3, Inium Sense feedback shield, Free Focus Essential, Automatics(Dual mode), Single Band adaptive Directionality, 8KHz Bandwidth, Special Purpose programs (music, lecture etc.), Tinnitus Support system, Noise management, Automatic Adapation Manager, TV ConnectLine, Streamer Pro, Remote Control, In-situ audiometry (Genie), IP58 , Memory, Nano Coating, Battery Low warning.

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16 channel hearing aid oticon ria 2
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