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Powered by the Polaris R™ platform, Oticon Real 1 miniRITE Rechargeable Hearing Aid includes RealSound Technology designed to give access to the real sounds of life.

  • With better access to speech and exceptional speech clarity, you can follow conversations with more awareness, focus and control

  • Reduces wind and handling noise* with our Wind & Handling Stabilizer

  • Proven to increase speech clarity in windy situations*

  • Minimizes distracting handling noise (i.e, your hair or glasses touching the hearing aid)

*Gade et al. (2023) Wind & Handling Stabilizer — Evidence and user benefits. Oticon Whitepaper


Best Premium Rechargeable Hearing Aid in Kerala

Oticon Real 1 miniRITE Rechargeable Hearing Aid

  • Bands / Channels

    24/ 64

  • Warranty

    42 Months Warranty

  • Charger Type

    Smart Charger ( free with purchase of two hearing aids )

  • Compatibilty

    Iphone & Android (ASHA)

  • Hearing Loss

    Slight, Mild, Moderate, Severe, Profound

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